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Law school is an intense study of the law or laws that apply to certain situations. Understanding the law helps to prepare law students for the rigors of practice and for representing clients who need legal help. However, the bottom line with regards to serving as traumatic brain injury attorneys is that this type of challenging and rewarding work is all about people. The people we represent in brain injury cases have suffered immensely. They have been wronged by people and/or businesses acting negligently, recklessly or in some cases intentionally. Justice demands that these people get the help that they need and the legal results that they deserve.

Anyone who has worked with Gomez Trial Attorneys knows that we are all about the people we serve. We take whatever time is necessary to get to know our clients. We do the same with any of our legal colleagues. We make it a priority to be completely transparent to the community in every way possible. As such, we’d like to take some time to make sure that you get to know us. If you or someone you love has been injured and is in need of a traumatic brain injury lawyer, these are the people you will be working with as you pursue justice. This is all part of our duty as real trial lawyers.

John Gomez

CEO & Founder

John Gomez founded Gomez Trial Attorneys in 2005. Mr. Gomez rose from humble beginnings in San Diego. He attended three different public high schools in the area. He moved on to Grossmont Junior College and then attended the University of San Diego. At USD, Mr. Gomez distinguished himself both as a student and as an athlete, as he was honored as an Academic All American in football. From there Mr. Gomez attended Yale University for law school. He returned to California and represented the people as an Assistant United States Attorney.

Mr. Gomez quickly earned a reputation as an esteemed trial lawyer. He has won numerous local, statewide and national awards as a litigator, and has been recognized repeatedly by his professional peers for his trial skill and his approach to his profession. When Mr. Gomez is not representing clients, he is avidly seeking to make the community a better place, owing to his own younger years. He expects the same from everyone who works at Gomez Trial Attorneys. He is here to serve clients and to fight to make the world a better place.

Ben Coughlan

Trial Attorney

Ben Coughlan is the quintessential ‘real trial lawyer’ when it comes to traumatic brain injury cases. He is the chairperson of the firm’s Brain Injury Practice Group. Mr. Coughlan began his postsecondary education at Northwestern University, where he graduated from the renowned Medill School of Journalism. After a few years working in the field of media, he enrolled and earned his law degree from the University of San Diego.

Mr. Coughlan has not only won countless awards for his skill in trial advocacy, but he spends time giving back in several different ways. He is a faculty member for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy, training young attorneys on skills relating to litigation. He is the Vice President of the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation. Ben has also been touched on a personal level by a traumatic brain injury. A member of his immediate family suffered and overcame such an injury. This challenge inspired Ben to contribute as a co-author/editor of a book known as Journey Toward Recovery: A Brain Injury Guide for Survivors.

Jessica Sizemore

Trial Attorney

Jessica Sizemore is yet another example of an esteemed professional who rose through the ranks of the legal profession to become known by her clients and professional colleagues as a top-level brain injury attorney. Ms. Sizemore grew up in several places that included Saipan and Hawaii before spending time in the San Fernando Valley. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from San Diego State University in 2006 and soon thereafter began working for Gomez Trial Attorneys as a paralegal. She enrolled in law school at the University of Arizona and earned her degree in 2011.

After law school, Ms. Sizemore returned ‘home’ to Gomez Trial Attorneys. Since that time, she has won more than $20 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of clients. Ms. Sizemore is an advocate for community involvement as well. She has volunteered for several roles with the YMCA of San Diego including as a camp counselor and continues to donate her time and skills to people and organizations that benefit from them immensely.

Max Halpern

Trial Attorney

Max E. Halpern has earned a long track record of success and service in San Diego County. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California-San Diego with a major in history. He continued his education by earning his Juris Doctorate Degree from the University of San Diego, where he graduated cum laude. After law school, Mr. Halpern spent time clerking for the California Attorney General and the Oceanside City Attorney.

During his time with Gomez Trial Attorneys, Mr. Halpern has helped to litigate several large lawsuits. He has earned millions of dollars in judgments and settlements for his clients. He is considered one of the ‘go-to’ professionals when it comes time to write motions or conduct thorough legal research, and his work has turned many cases in the favor of the firm’s clients. Mr. Halpern is also dedicated to the community and donates his time to different causes.

Kacie B. Wagner

Trial Attorney

Kacie Wagner earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Santa Clara University with a major in political science. She continued her education at the University of San Diego, School of Law, where she graduated cum laude. During law school, Ms. Wagner spent time serving the San Diego public while clerking for the United States Attorney’s Office and United States District Court.

Ms. Wagner joined Gomez Trial Attorneys in May 2015. As part of the Firm’s Brain Injury Practice Group she dedicates much of her time to working with survivors of head traumas. She is passionate about providing a voice for those who have suffered brain injuries through no fault of their own. Inspired by the clients she fights for a on day-to-day basis, Ms. Wagner volunteers with the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation to stay connected to the greater community of survivors.



Dr. Zaccaglin works with the Firm as our “Brain Injury Client Liaison.” In that capacity, he helps our brain injury clients better understand both the medical and legal processes, and helps us better understand our brain injury clients. 

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When you work with Gomez Trial Attorneys, you’re going to work with real people. We are people who have experienced several different highs and lows in life. We have overcome our share of challenges. We know what it’s like to be wronged and we fully understand what it takes to obtain justice. If you or someone you love has suffered a head injury because of someone else, entrust your legal matter with real trial lawyers. Contact the traumatic brain injury attorneys at Gomez Trial Attorneys today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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